Common Problems That Occur When Moving

August 7, 2017 by adminBlog

Your move is stressful enough without things going wrong. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law sometimes kicks in and everything that can go wrong does. How does one prepare for the unforeseen? It’s not always easy, but by preparing ahead of time and hiring local moving services in Marietta, GA, you can avoid some of the most common issues that occur during moving.

    • Insufficient moving supplies. No matter how well you think you calculate the number of boxes and tape that you need, it’s almost impossible to get the total right. Don’t skimp on supplies, though. Without being properly packed, your belongings run the risk of being damaged in the move.
    • Procrastination. Ah—it’s every mover’s worst enemy. You’d rather be doing anything other than moving, right? While it may seem easier to check your social media one more time in an attempt to avoid packing, you could be putting your belongings at risk. Packing at the last minute means that your items aren’t given the attention needed. Instead of being organized and carefully placed in the right boxes, they’re thrown quickly into whichever container is closest.
    • Not breaking down your furniture. You may think that your sofa can fit through your doorway, but are you sure? Not measuring your furniture properly ahead of time can cost you valuable time come moving day. Plan ahead by either breaking down abnormally large pieces or measuring them to ensure that they can be loaded onto the truck.
    • Adverse weather. Now, this is one issue you can’t always control. Unfortunately, there’s no way to ensure that the weather cooperates with you come moving day. But you can be prepared for the worst. Even if all seems sunny, make sure that you have tarps, bags, and coverings available to protect your belongings while they’re being moved. Don’t be alarmed if moving takes a bit of extra time when the weather is less than perfect.

  • Injuries. There are plenty of health risks when it comes to moving. Slipping down stairs, straining your back, or twisting an ankle are all common injuries that occur on moving days. They are typically accompanied by a person who wasn’t qualified or knowledgeable in the best ways to handle heavy objects.
  • Problems with the new place. Whether you’re buying a home or renting a place, make sure everything is squared away before your moving truck arrives. There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up at your new home and realizing that you don’t have the keys or that the previous tenants haven’t moved out yet.

Avoiding these problems is easy. Instead of handling your move yourself, allow a company that specializes in residential moving in Marietta, GA, to take over. With their help, you’ll have the supplies and help you need to land safely in your new place.