How to Effortlessly Move Your Office

August 5, 2017 by adminBlog

Moving your business can become stressful if it’s not planned out properly. From your staff to the professionals you hire, everyone involved should be updated when coordinating the move. Before you make the first call, follow these tips for an effortless move.


First, it’s wise to set a timeline for every aspect of the move. Before calling corporate movers in Johns Creek, GA, plan and discuss a schedule with your staff and the movers. The size of your company is an important factor to consider when setting a timeline. For larger companies, setting up a plan months in advance is key. During this time, assign a team of employees from different departments and task them to both store important documents and manage their areas. Doing this will ensure the process goes by smoothly and everyone is prepared for the big day.


In the initial planning stage, it’s important to have your finances in order. So, before you hire movers, determine the costs associated with the move. During this, you’ll research the most efficient company to hire at the right price.

New Office Is Ready

One thing you don’t want during a move is having your new office unprepared. Check on the space beforehand to list any potential problems. You should make sure all necessary operational systems are functioning. This includes the HVAC system as well as any safety features, like the fire alarm. Also, inspecting the new layout can help you plan out how to arrange things like cubicles and tables. Share this with the professional office movers in Johns Creek, GA, so they know how to help put everything together.

Notify of the Move

Apart from notifying your staff of the move, your schedule should include contacting individuals and companies critical for continued business. You don’t want stakeholders, suppliers, and clients to go unnotified of your move. Therefore, make a list of all people of interest to your company and contact with all the relevant information, such as new location and contact information.

Always make sure you’re communicating clearly with staff, clients, and movers to make sure your move goes hassle-free. Before even hiring a commercial moving company, consider these tips to effectively plan your move.