How to Find Cheap and Trustworthy Moving Services

June 17, 2017 by adminMoving

Let’s face it, moving is expensive.

Selecting a moving company can save or cost you thousands of dollars, depending on who you hire to help. How do you know what to do? There are several steps you can take to help you consider packing and moving services in Johns Creek, GA. 

  • Of course, the cheapest option is to load your household into the back of pickup trucks owned by family and friends and head off to the new location. However, this option may be the most problematical, depending on the distance involved, the number of people helping, whether they will require food and lodging, who will pay for the gas, and whether the crew needs to arrange time off from their jobs. If someone were to get hurt during the move, you may be legally liable.
  • Another safer option is to consider referrals for professional moving companies from family, friends, or coworkers. Keep in mind the circumstances of their move may have been quite different from yours.
  • Consult the internet to search for moving companies. Compare services and fees, and follow up with a phone call. Consider packing services and supplies provided, such as boxes and blankets. Check website services such as Yelp and social media sites for feedback on others’ experiences. Look to see how current the responses are.
  • When talking with moving companies, inquire about storage fees, in case you need them. If you were to store items, how secure and safe from the weather is the storage arrangement? What guarantees does the company offer and can they suggest insurance you could purchase?
  • Watch your neighborhood for moving activity. Stop and talk with the homeowner about their experience with the moving service they are using. Observe the crew. Do they seem professional and respectful to people and household goods? Ask the homeowner if they have suffered any breakage or lost items in the move.
  • Finally, there are several options for moving, whether you are headed across the country or across town.  By doing your homework through those you know or meet, and through direct contacts with several companies, you will identify a moving choice you can live with.

Remember, the professional companies have invested time and effort in learning their business, and will be prepared to help you find cheap moving services in Johns Creek, GA