Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Affordable Moving Company

May 5, 2017 by adminMoving

Moving from one home to another can be exhausting, difficult, and complicated. Mistakes can be made throughout the process that will create more problems than you can imagine. Some mistakes can be less detrimental than others. For example, if you happened to hire the wrong moving company, you might relocate without some of your belongings. It’s no secret that one of the hardest parts of moving involves actually getting your belongings from point A to point B. When you start looking for a moving company to hire, there are a few mistakes you want to be sure to avoid.

Don’t Pay Up Front

If you ever run into a moving company that requires you to pay before the job is done, don’t hire them. They might offer you a ridiculously cheap price if you pay then, but that doesn’t insure they will get the job done. While finding an affordable moving company in Alpharetta, GA, might be your goal, going with the cheapest option is not always the best idea. Asking for money up-front is one of the warning signs of a moving scam.

Don’t Hire Last Minute

The longer that you wait to hire a moving company, the more you will have to pay. When you plan to move, make sure that you actually plan it. Find the right moving company before you start packing your boxes. This way, you can set a date and time for them to start helping you move your furniture and boxes. Some moving companies will offer you a better deal for planning in advance.

Get a Binding Estimate

Whenever you speak to moving companies about a quote, you want to make sure it’s a binding quote. It’s easy to leave out information when you call a moving company for a quote. The only way to get a quote that is truly accurate is by having an employee of the moving company visit your home and give you an estimate. A visual survey is the easiest way for a moving company to judge what they will need to do.