How Do Moving Companies Move You?

June 1, 2017 by adminMoving

Professional moving companies can change nightmares about moving into sweet dreams in your new home. You only need to experience the comparison once in your adult life to be totally sold on the professionals. Many local moving services in Atlanta offer first-rate moving services, but how do you know you’ve chosen the right company? Here’s what you can expect from the best professional moving companies.

  • A company representative visits your home and gives you an estimate on the cost of your move and how long it will take from packing and loading to transporting and unloading in your new location.
  • You’ll reach an agreement with the representative on the timeline, based on when you need to leave and their availability of equipment and staff.
  • If you wish, the company will arrange for you to get boxes for items you wish to pack. The moving staff is trained to pack breakables and special items to prevent breakage, but some homeowners prefer to pack these items themselves.
  • The company representative will outline costs, offer an option to purchase insurance, and review costs for any needed storage.
  • On moving day, the movers will arrive at the designated time and quickly and efficiently pack your household into the moving truck and be on their way.
  • The truck will arrive at the designated address and the movers will unload and unpack, if you wish. Alternatively, the boxes will be labeled with the room location and stacked for the homeowner to unpack.

The steps above generally capture the flow of a professional move. There will be minor differences in companies, depending on your unique situation. Once the move starts, you may be amazed at how quickly and efficiently it’s accomplished. Homeowners may be on the premises, or wait for the staff to unload the household goods. If the move is across the country or overseas, there will be additional steps, such as how to transport vehicles. Timing may be less predictable due to reliance on shipping schedules. Residential moving services can professionally guide you through the process and make your move as smooth as possible.