Moving and Storage: DIY vs Hiring a Professional

July 3, 2017 by adminMoving

If you are moving, you have a mountain of business ahead of you. Whether you are moving to a brand new office, expanding to a new location and furnishing it, or moving cargo into storage, then you have multiple moving and storage solutions to choose from. You can either assemble the staff and DIY the move, handling all parts of the process yourself, or hire professional local moving and storage in Duluth, GA to do the heavy lifting for you. Which is the better option? There are pros and cons of doing each–you will need to consider these before you make a decision.

  • Time is the first issue. It is very time-consuming to pack, load, travel, unload and unpack goods, no matter their size. You can save time by hiring professionals or spend time doing it yourself. However, you will have to potentially spend several days doing this work and direct your employees’ paid work time toward moving too. Professional movers can assist with all parts of the moving process so you can direct your attention elsewhere.
  • Money is a second concern. Professional moving to temporary storage or a new property comes with a price tag. On the other hand, DIY moving is free, or it seems like it. DIY moving requires you to rent equipment like dollies, flatbed carts and moving trucks. You will also have to pay for fuel for the travel involved. Also, you must set aside money for liability should any property be damaged in the move. Professional moving companies provide their own equipment, pay for their own fuel, and offer protection and replacement plans in the event of damages.
  • You should also consider manpower when you compare the pros and cons of DIY or professional movers. While you and your staff can certainly move a few boxes and computers, it would be in your best interest to hire pros for large objects. You or others can be injured attempting to move large computer mainframes, desks, cubicle walls, and appliances. Leave the heavy lifting the pros. Local moving and storage in Duluth, GA is much simpler if you hire professionals.