Professional Mover or DIY: Which is Better?

August 22, 2017 by adminBlog

With a move coming up, it’s time to start preparing. Sure, you could organize, purge, pack, and load all of your belongings on your own; but is it really the best way? If you’re trying to decide if calling professional moving services in Marietta is in order, check out this quick breakdown before making your choice.

How Much Are You Moving?

If you’re moving out of a 1-room rental and only have two or three boxes of belongings, you can handle your move on your own. For most, that’s not the case. In fact, the LA Times estimates that the average American home contains more than 300,000 belongings. That’s a lot of stuff! If your situation is more like the latter, don’t try to handle the coordination of your move on your own. Professional moving companies can quickly and efficiently organize and pack your belongings.

Who’s on Your Moving Team?

When you’ve got large pieces of furniture and big boxes to load, you can’t do it on your own. What’s your plan for incentivizing friends and family members to help? Buying them pizza? Begging? Why not save your relationships and spend your money hiring professionals instead? With professionals on your side, you don’t have to worry about people spraining their backs or damaging your belongings. There’s no risk of friendships being destroyed due to misunderstandings. Instead, your move will be completed seamlessly and much quicker.

Where Are You Going?

A move across town is much different than a move across the state or across the country. If you’re just moving a few streets over, it’s not a huge deal to load your car up and make multiple trips. The further you’re moving, however, the more you should explore hiring professional movers to help you with the relocation. Instead of spending hours on the road and making multiple trips between destinations, your professional movers can load up all of your belongings into large trucks and get it there in one trip. This saves you time, gas, and energy.

How Big is Your Car?

Do you have the cargo space needed to move your piano and couch? Most people don’t. Even with a pick-up truck, you’ll be forced to make additional trips to retrieve your larger furniture items. Plus, you’ll have to carry tarps with you just in case it starts raining. Instead of strategically stacking belongings to make each voyage count, hire moving services who have the right equipment and trucks. With their help, each of your pieces of furniture will be carefully stowed inside a truck. There’s no need to worry about the weather impacting your move or items falling out of the truck while on the highway.

Whether you choose to DIY or to hire a company who specializes in affordable moving in Marietta, GA, it’s important to weight your options carefully.