Professional Movers’ Responsibilities: Before, during, and After

August 18, 2017 by adminBlog

If you’re planning a move and thinking about hiring a commercial moving company in Sand Springs, GA, you may be wondering what duties they will have to fulfill. Well, the answer to this depends on the exact type of movers you are working with. But, if you’re working with a full-service mover, they should perform all the duties outlined in this blog.

Before the Move

Before the move, there will be several things that your movers will have to do. Their first responsibility will be to come to your location and assess your belongings. They’ll need to see how much stuff you have and if you have any large, specialty items that they need to move for you. This will allow them to complete their next responsibility: putting together an estimate of the cost. They will also work with you to set a date for your move, and draft the contracts.

During the Move

The bulk of your movers’ responsibilities take place during the actual move. These duties include:

  • Safely packing your items into boxes
  • Creating a detailed inventory of your possessions
  • Loading all of your items onto the moving truck
  • Driving your items to your new location
  • Unloading all of the boxes and items
  • Staying in contact with you at all times about the status of your items

The main responsibility of your movers will be to ensure that your items arrive to their new location safely, on time, and without any damage. This can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, since you’d be responsible for all of these things if you don’t hire a professional to do it for you.

After the Move

After arriving at the new location, the movers will contact you (if you are not present) and unload the boxes from the truck, placing them in the proper rooms. If you paid for unpacking services, they will also unpack the boxes for you. Once this is all done, they’ll have you sign paperwork and will collect payment.

Commercial moving in Sandy Springs, GAexpands far beyond the move itself, and the responsibilities they perform can make your move much easier.